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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 6: Jüterbog to Berlin

First the bad news -- I managed to break the screen on my camera -- it takes pictures but I can't see what I am aiming at. Since my (al so broken) smartphone was my backup camera, no pictures for me (and for you). I may borrow pictures off my bother's smartphone.

Around Jüterbog they have the grate system of paved trains called "Fläming Skake."  The region was settled centuries ago by Flemish immigrants hence the name for the region. The skate is just what you think -- these are trains designed for inline skaters (smooth and no steep climes) but are perfect for biking. There is also a large Rehab clinic for spinal injuries so you see lots of people on hand powered bikes as well.

Anyway, the first 20km or so was on the the skate path it was divine. After that they were mostly OK but some stretches where the path was basically overgrown and you almost needed a machete. One thing, once we got about 30km from Jüterbog the signage -- which had been great until that point -- basically disappeared. We saw the occasional sticker on a signpost and that was it.

We had the usual problem that even though it was Sunday, there didn't seem to be any pubs, cafes or even ice cream shops open. Finally at Mellensee we saw a fish restaurant and stopped. It was a good choice -- not only did they have excellent food, in the summer months they have beer from Pivovar Rychtář in Hlinsku in the Czech Republic. They didn't say which one it was but from the descriptions, probably the STANDARD.

Back on the road Mother Nature was playing with us. First it got cold and rain started. Then as soon as we put our rain gear on the rain stopped and the sun came out. It was way too humid for rain jackets so we stopped and took them off. Then it got cold and wet again -- you get the idea.

Finally about 4:30pm we reached the city limits where there is a memorial to those who try to escape over the wall -- I hope to have my brother's picture tomorrow.

We were worried about riding in Berlin but because it was Sunday (with some sporting even happing this evening) traffic was light and we sped thru town to the apartment we had rented.

Tomorrow is a rest day, if the weather is half way decent we'll go play tourist.

Distance ridden: 88 km
We are at the half way point!

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