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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bike Trip Coming Up

Sorry for the lack of posting this past year. It's been a difficult year -- my biking partner and drinking buddy -- my father -- passed away last September and I've sort of avoided writing about cycling since so much of my fun trips were with him along.

Anyway, I am making up for lost time with a Monster bike trip coming up in a couple weeks. I'll be riding from Dunkirk (on the English channel) all the way to Vienna, Austria. its about 1200 miles or so and it'll take about a month to do (with a few "rest days" along the way). The plan is for 50 miles (80km) a day, plus or minus a bit.

I'll be flying to London in a week and I'll have 5 nights in England to get over the jet lag, then on Saturday June 9 I'll catch a ferry from Dover. This trip was actually planned by a friend of mine who generously invited me along. I repaid that generosity by inviting a friend of mine from LA (who was on the Bamberg to Aschaffenburg ride a couple years ago). He will be meeting us along the trail as he had a prior commitment for the first leg.

Anyway, here are the stops along the way (if no country then it's Germany FR=France, BE=Belgium and AT=Austria if you can't figure it out)

Cassel, FR
Oudenaarde, BE
Antwerp, BE
Maastiek, BE
Köln (Cologne)
Bamberg (a couple extra days here, go figure)
Feldkirchen, AT
Grein, AT
Krems, AT

Since I've never been to Vienna, I'll stay a few days to play tourist and check out the beer scene.

I hope to post every day. You can also follow along on Twitter: @FredWaltman

I'll leave you with a picture of my Bike Friday in the planned configuration.

Friday ready to go