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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some Unusual Bike Commuting

Every so often I have to visit a client in the Imperial Valley town of El Centro. Its very much a rural/agricultural type place. Everybody seems to drive a pickup or SUV.

The client's facility is a bit out of town and I noticed there were "El Centro Bikeway" signs on some streets so one time I decided to bring my bike.

I think the city got some sort of state or federal money to put up the signs because they seemed to be on random streets -- the "bikeway" didn't seem to take you anywhere.

But I persevered and managed to find a route from my usual hotel out to the client's plant that is a about 75% on a labeled "Bike Route" with the longest stretch having an actual bike lane. So now if the forecasted high temperature is under 100°F (sometimes it hits nearly 120° there!) I take my bike and ride in to work.

Its only about 8 miles or so each way, but everybody at the client's looks at me like I'm crazy -- "You rode your bike from town?" The next line is usually "You rode from town on that?"

Since daylight savings time ended its was also a chance for me to try out the DiNotte lights I bought -- and they worked great!

Anyway, the last time I was there I brought a camera and took some pictures at a crossroads. The first two are actually panoramas so they don't show up too well here unless you click on them. When I get them posted to my pano picture page I'll put in a link.

Looking Southwest -- the mountain on the left is the border with Mexico

Looking North, the direction I turn

Looking back towards El Centro

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I'm still here! Shopping by Bike

I realize its been a while since I posted here. recent activity has been on my other blog Have Beer Will Travel (which is mostly about non bike beer travel). But I'm still riding my Bike Friday as often as I can.

One of things I like to do is Sunday morning ride a few miles down to the Mar Vista Farmers Market. Its really more of a "street market" since I'd say over half the stalls are from area restaurants selling cooked food for vendors reselling produce they probably bought from the LA Wholesale Produce Market.

I try and buy from the farmers/growers when I can but that is not always possible. Even when I'm buying from a reseller it seems much more satisfying somehow buying from one of these vendors than a large chain grocery store (even though its probably the same produce).