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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some Unusual Bike Commuting

Every so often I have to visit a client in the Imperial Valley town of El Centro. Its very much a rural/agricultural type place. Everybody seems to drive a pickup or SUV.

The client's facility is a bit out of town and I noticed there were "El Centro Bikeway" signs on some streets so one time I decided to bring my bike.

I think the city got some sort of state or federal money to put up the signs because they seemed to be on random streets -- the "bikeway" didn't seem to take you anywhere.

But I persevered and managed to find a route from my usual hotel out to the client's plant that is a about 75% on a labeled "Bike Route" with the longest stretch having an actual bike lane. So now if the forecasted high temperature is under 100°F (sometimes it hits nearly 120° there!) I take my bike and ride in to work.

Its only about 8 miles or so each way, but everybody at the client's looks at me like I'm crazy -- "You rode your bike from town?" The next line is usually "You rode from town on that?"

Since daylight savings time ended its was also a chance for me to try out the DiNotte lights I bought -- and they worked great!

Anyway, the last time I was there I brought a camera and took some pictures at a crossroads. The first two are actually panoramas so they don't show up too well here unless you click on them. When I get them posted to my pano picture page I'll put in a link.

Looking Southwest -- the mountain on the left is the border with Mexico

Looking North, the direction I turn

Looking back towards El Centro

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