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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

One Night in Franfurt...

...and feeling beer deprived already.

I headed over to Zu den Zwölf Aposteln -- which bills itself as "Erste Frankfurter Hausbrauerei" (Frankfurt's First Brewpub). I don't know if that is correct but it looks old enough to so be.

They had the usual "Hell" and "Dunkel" that is the staple of most German (modern style) brewpubs. I had a glass of each and they were drinkable -- but just barely by Bamberg standards. The meal was good but I felt no need to have another beer.

I like Bamberg very much but there is one thing I miss -- I was sitting at an outdoor cafe here, having a crappy Czech beer (again, by Bamberg standards
-- Krušovice, which is owned by Heineken) but I was enjoying myself. I had that same feeling I have on a summer night in Düsseldorf -- I could drink beer and people watch all evening. Bamberg has some great places to sit and people watch but none that serve any decent beer. Now the compensation is to watch the sun set while at Spezial Keller -- and while that is one of lifes pleasures, I really wish you could sit in the Grünner Markt or on the Obere Brücke and sip a great beer and watch the world pass you by.

Bamberg, The Final Days

Not really anything to report. Sunday was off and on very rainy. I didn't ride any farther than Brauerei Spezial. Had an Ottobier (Otto Hübner Bräu, Steinfeld) and a pizza at Stihlbruch, as is my Sunday custom.

Monday was running errands and actually doing some work. No new beers, but a nice dinner with Bamberg friends at Spezial.

The bike is all packed, I am packed and just waiting to call a taxi to take me to the train station. I'll spend the night in Frankfurt, then fly home early in the morning.

It was been a great trip. The rain and some mechanical problems kept me from some of my riding goals but there will be other times. Had a bunch of new beers, mostly good. Very many beers I've had before, mostly still good, some disappointedly worse or even bad.