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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Seligenstadt to Klingenberg

Today is the other half of the "rest day" that was the Bingen to Mainz travail.

Rain was forecast, so even though it was a short day, we decided to leave early. But we forgot to ask Tim's front tire's permission and it responded by going flat. An hour later, we were actually on the road.

There was light rain the first half hour or so but it soon dissipated and we were left we a cloudy, hot and muggy day.

Thru Aschaffenburg, back across the Main past the village of Nilkheim we came across Gasthaus Pikok along the trail with a view of the Main. We stopped for a beer which turned into lunch which turned into another beer. That had the beers from Schappe-Seppel, which used to be a brewery in Aschaffenburg but are now brewed by Heylands in Grossostheim.

Schalppe-Sepple Pils, Keller and Export

We all ate far to much lunch and this time Tim's rear tire objected by releasing all the air when he tried to "top up" the pressure. Another short delay and we back on the road, just in time for the hottest, muggiest part of the day. Finally, about 3pm we pulled up at our hotel in Klingenberg, the Schöne Aussicht ("Great View").

Hotel Schöne Aussicht, Klingenberg

Our room had a balcony with a great view of the Main. We sat and just watched ships travel up and down the river.

View from hotel room

Major source of excitement in Klingenberg

The hotels restaurant is Michelin listed so we had high hopes. They served beer from Brauhaus Faust in nearby Miltenberg. This is good, because we'll (with Tim's tire's permission) pass thru Miltenberg before their tap room opens.

We all started with the Pils. It was better than the Schappe-Seppel and in the same range as the Glaabsbräu the night before.

Faust Pils
With dinner we had the schwartzbier,  which was excellent. Probably the best beer since we left Düsseldorf.
Faust Schwarzbier
Dinner and desert were excellent and not too expensive given the quality. A most enjoyable evening.

Tomorrow will be a hard day: nearly 80 km plus threat of rain and hot and muggy conditions. There will be breweries but we'll run into afternoon closing and Ruhetage ("rest days") so there may not be any brewery visits.

Distance Ridden: 48 km
Total Distance: 725km

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