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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cassel to Oudenaarde (Updated with pictures)

The day started out decent -- cloudy but not windy. Soon we were in Watou and politeness required we stop and have a beer from one of the local breweries (St. Bernardus and Van Ecke).
Friday about to enter Watou

Time for a local beer

Watou's Wit and Draft St Bernardus Triple. Doesn't get any fresher.
Pleasantries satisfied, we pushed on to Poperinge, where it started to rain. While taking refuge in a cafe next to the train station, we noticed a train was due soon, so taking that as a sign, we hopped it for a few stops and either outlasted or out ran the rain.

Alpaida Blond and Kwaremont (from Bavik)
A local Poperinge beer, Not as hoppy as you'd think

At Kortrijk, after a Chinese lunch. we picked up a bike path along a canal. Unforunately, some km down the canal there was major construction requiring a detour. The detour was marked for bicycles but after a while it became clear we were pretty going in the opposite direction we wanted, we abandoned the detour route and may our way back to the canal.

Friday having Chinese for lunch

We stopped for a "sharpener" a couple of times out delightful, practically hidden little pubs.

St Pietershof

Double X Bitter hit the spot
At the second we decided to have another beer (a Belgian beer named Moose Blues -- can't refuse that) but paid for extravagance by finding it raining (lightly) as we came out. Having no choice, we put on what rain gear we had and headed towards Oudenaarde along the Schelde river.

Sharpener #1, Ename Blond from draft.

Sharpener #2,  Moose Blues
The rain was on and off but we arrived at our Hotel on the Grote Markt damp but not soaked.

Forecast calls for more rain tomorrow, so we may again request the kind assistance of NBMS (Belgian Rail) in the aid of keeping us dry(-er)

Distance ridden: 72+km  (the GPS was off for 2-3 km)
Total Distance: 118.5 km

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