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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Arrived in London, Drank some beer.

So really nothing new. Other than I am London.

I checked to my room. Notice I say "room" not "hotel." I am staying in dorm room while in London. If you are coming to London during the summer months you can find great bargins, if you willing to rough it a bit. Some have shared facility, some en-suite. Most have a kitchen available for your use and most have free (or inexpensive) internet access. I book thru University Rooms.

One downside to my room at the University of Westminster (Marylebone Campus) is they don't let you take your bike into your room. So, while I have my bike assembled, I'm not able to take it out and test it. I guess my test ride will be the one to Kings Cross Station on Thursday.

I don't plan on blogging every beer during my couple of days in London. Mainly  I'm mostly going to old favorites, so you can go over to Have Beer Will Travel and click on the London tag to see where I am drinking. I had hoped to post some pictures of Friday in front of a London Landmark or two, but oh well. It also is much colder than I expected. Last week it was in the 80's but now it is struggling to break 60 and rainy.

But just so you won't believe somebody has hijacked this blog, a couple of beer pictures...

The first is of a Moorhouse Black Panter. This is a stronger (4.8%) version of their famous Black Cat Dark Mild. A very nice first beer in London.

Moorhouse Black Panther
 Next stop was the Euston Tap, a relative new pub at Euston Station.  It has become one of my favorite places in London. I had a Red Rocker from Cromarty Brewing, a new Scottish brewery. Very good, so I'll watch for that name.
Cromarty Red Rocker at the Euston Tap

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from my dorm room window...

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