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Friday, June 08, 2012

Left London, But Weather Uncooperative

It certainly was the most stressful 2km I've every ridden: Marylebone Hall to Kings Cross train station. Not hard, just stressful.

Transport for London has a great bicycle route planner and it found a route that involved "back streets." Of course back streets in London tending to busy as well.  I was trying to watch for the street names on my "cheat sheet," look every direction for traffic (since I had no reflexes as to where it might appear) and watch for pedestrians. 

I did pretty good until I got to the last half km where I was to ride on Euston Road -- a major thoroughfare with lots of busses and trucks. There was no marked bicycle lane but I had forgotten that bikes can use the bus lanes. I was still uncertain and thinking about walking my bike when a while haired lady passed by and heading in my direction. So I followed her, which was a big help. It is something when a large double decker bus  is patiently driving along behind you.

Friday at Kings Cross
I got to the station in plenty of time to even catch an earlier train. There were lots of bicycles around and I think after a couple of days I'd be fine, but I'd rather have started in a quiet country village first.

By the time I got to my destination the rain had started in ernest. So my riding partner decided to pick me up with his car. The weather stayed bad the rest of the day.

I woke up Friday with sunshine in the window, getting my hopes up but soon there were gale force winds (literally) and a steady rain. Saturday is supposed to be a break so we may stay dry for the 40 km we have from Dunkirk to Cassel.

 Sunday doesn't look so good. It is about 20 km from Cassel to Poperinge (in Belgium) where the rail lines end. So in the worst case, hopefully we can find enough breaks in the rain to get to Poperinge. The forecast calls for rain until the middle of next week so our bike ride across Belgium may become a train ride across Belgium. That will a blow to my pride, but hurt pride is better than pneumonia. 

1 comment:

Ian said...

Hey Fred,

Good to see you on monday in the Euston Tap. Looks like you have been unlucky with the weather, the UK and Belgium are really wet at the moment but your weather should improve as you get into Germany!