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Friday, May 11, 2007

Waiting for my new toy

So today is the day. I ordered a month ago, got lucky and there was a cancellation and my production got moved up a couple weeks. So today, my New World Tourist from BikeFriday is supposed to ship. I feel like handing out cigars when it is "delivered" (by UPS, that is) but that is probably over the top.

"Gee, thats a funny looking bike" I hear you say. That may be, but it is a custom built (I shop from the King Size catalog) fully packable (into a suitcase) touring bike. So now whenever I travel, I can bring my own wheels. I can see myself peddling from village brewery to village brewery in Oberfranken (area around Bamberg, Germany with hundreds of breweries).

Update: It didn't ship, still "in cabling." Should ship Monday. Oh, the torture.

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