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Friday, May 25, 2007

Road Trip

This week, work took me to El Centro, CA -- which from an LA viewpoint is the middle of nowhere. So I folded the Friday and put it in the back of my Honda Element.

I was kind of hoping that the rear rack would act as a stand when the bike is folded (like with folders such as the Brompton) but it didn't. Otherwise I was happy as it took less than 5 minutes to fold. It would be faster on a standard model but my "heavy duty" version has a couple of hex bolts where the standard is for quick releases.

Sadly, the easy of folding was about the only good thing on the trip bicycle-wise. I got in a couple of short rides (about 4 mi each) but I didn't end up with enough time to ride. Now if I had been really hard core I would have made the time, but give me a break -- I'm still a newbie.

Next week I take my first plane trip with the Friday. The big challenge is it see if I can fit it all back in the suitcase :)

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