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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Second Impressions...

Today I went for a leisurely 15 mile ride up the Santa Monica Bike Path past the Santa Monica Pier. It was with a neighborhood group that included a woman with a single speed beach cruiser so we went a nice 10 mph pace. The weather was good for riding -- our June Gloom has come early this year -- not too hot, not too cool. We left at 9:00am so we missed most of the tourist traffic -- the stretch along Venice Beach can get crazy on weekends with pedestrians wandering around the bike path ("Its a BIKE PATH people!") and first timers on roller blades either out of control barely moving.

Anyway, the NWT was great! The route is flat (which is good because I still have a bum ankle from a mishap a few weeks ago and hills stress it to much for comfort) and I was cruising along effortlessly. The small wheels and shorter wheelbase made avoiding the pedestrian obstacle course a breeze.

Friday at the Santa Monica Pier

You may notice I've removed the handlebar bag. I may give it a try again later, but it was just too different for me know.

Next Up: Road Trip!

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