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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Real Test...

Today came the real test -- can I fit everything back in the suitcase. I'm off on a short trip tomorrow and I thought I'd take the bike with me -- after all that is what it is for.

After disassembling everything, I got the main frame in OK.

That was the easy part. The next half hour was spent trying to get every little piece in where it would fit. But I made it!

I had a couple of pieces of packing left over, though. Panic City! But a quick call to Bike Friday and they calmed me down and told what went where. I think Bike Friday must staff with former Crisis Line counselors.

After all was done, I dug out my trusty Travel Scale and checked the weight. It looked like about 47.5 pounds! That is with my helmet and trunk bag but with out light, lock or handlebar bag. That is a little tighter than I'd like -- I'd hoped to stuff a few extras in there. But thats life.

We see what happens when after the airline gets thru with it. Keep your fingers crossed.

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