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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Arrived in Bamberg

We had a good tailwind (which made for a rough flight) so we actually made it in a little early. Which was good, since the easiest train connection would have been tough to make if the flight (or baggage) was late. We found Tom and made our train with plenty of time to spare.

We put our bike suitcases in the bicycle car. I'm sure we got some negative thoughts headed our way as the bike car (later) filled up, but hey, it's for bicycles and they don't specify the form.

Three Bike Fridays in their shells
We were taking a relatively slow train as to avoid changing in Würzburg where the lack of a elevator makes for a hard time if you have heavy luggage. In good time we arrived, found a taxi to hold all our stuff and were are our lodgings for our Bamberg stay.

The first order of business was to assemble the bikes, to make sure there wasn't anything damaged in transit. I takes about an hour for me to get everything together. The bike itself is about half that -- putting on the racks and other accessories takes awhile. Soon the bikes were ready...

Almost a month of Fridays
We needed liquid energy after the tough trip, so next stop was Schlenkerka for a beer or three.

Obligatory picture of the first beers in Bamberg -- Schlenkerla
We took a walk around the part of the Altstadt where the Sandkerwa will take place, making note of all the importance places (the brewery stands).  After getting one need fulfilled (beer) we decided on filling another (food) before the getting to the most important (sleep). Klosterbräu is right around the corner from out apartments so we wandered over.

Klostbräu Braunbier

It is Pfefferlinge (chanterelle mushrooms) season so we all ended up having a Schnitzel with Pfefferlinge cream sauce with Spätzle. It was delicious. 

Wednesday we are going to take a short ride out to Merkendorf -- which is a bit of risk as I know one of the two breweries is closed for holidays. But there are 4 other breweries on our route and I'm sure at least a couple of them will be open (I'm an optimist)

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Geaux T said...

Great blog! Love to read about your beery trips. Thanks!