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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back Home in Bamberg

We rode the 20km in Aschaffenburg (for a total of 354 km) and then caught the train back to Bamberg, where they have real beer.

I have to go drink beer, but I'll explain the first picture: This was a wild hop vine growing up a tree in the forest. There was a whole row of them -- I was wondering about the green berries until I realized they were hop cones.

Some huge palace like building as we rolled into Aschaffenburg -- have to google to figure out what it is. I'm pretty sure it's not a brewery.

The bikes outside Aschaffenburg Main Station. They are building a huge new station -- looks like there will be a shopping mall included (but no brewery as far as we could tell)

Bikes on the train back to Bamberg.

First good beer in a while -- on the way from the Bamberg train station to our apartments we passed right by Brauerei Fässla -- couldn't pass that up.

Back outside the apartment in Judenstrasse.


Schlenkerla!  It missed us while we were away.

We went next door to Ambräusianum for their Helles. It was very cloudy and yeasty yet quite good.

Finally! Beer Heaven at Special Keller. Great View, Great Food, Great People and most of all, Great Beer.

I love this tradition of showing when your mug is empty and requesting a refill.

Tomorrow (Friday) will be a bit of a rest day, but I am sure there will be some beer consumed. Stay tuned for details.... (no film at 11, though)

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Zymurgic Correspondent said...

That castle thing is Schloss Johannisburg