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Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Gear: Click Stand

One problem with a Bike Friday New World Tourist is it has a very small kick stand and it is very low to the ground, causing center of gravity problems when you have a loaded bike.

Enter the Click Stand -- a light weight, foldable external kick stand. It is make of aircraft grade aluminum and folds much like folding tent poles or folding canes.

Here it is at work...

I've been playing with in this week, in my limited training rides. So far, it has worked very well, although I don't have the bike fully loaded.

One thing you have to do is clamp the brakes so the bike doesn't roll (I actually usually do this while touring). There are a couple of elastic bands you slip over the handlebars and stretch them to cover the brake lever.  This is also a bit of an anti-theft device -- if somebody tries to ride off on the bike they won't be able to until they notice the bass over the brake levers.

The click stand has many options. Mine is 11mm tubing but there is an even lighter one made of 9.5mm tubing. You specify the total length and whether you want it too fold in 4, 5 or 6 segments (more segments equals shorter folded length but fatter. The whole thing weighs a few ounces.

I went with the 11mn (The "Maxi") and 5 segments. Here it is folded...

If your bike doesn't have a kick stand or you have problems when loaded, I highly recommend you check out their website and give them a try.

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