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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Google Earth Videos of our Planned Route

Using Google Earth and QuickTime Player I was able to make "flyover" videos of our planned route. I think this is way cool. I'm keeping (higher rez) version on my laptop to watch each day before we ride...

Day 1 Bamberg to Lichtenfels

If you are wondering about Licthenfels to Jena -- that is courtesy of Deutsche Bahn.

Day 2 Jena to Naumburg

Day 3 Naumburg to Leipzig

Day 4 Leipzig to Bad Schmiedeberg

Day 5 Bad Schmiedeberg to Jüterbog

Day 6 Jüterbog to Berlin

This will be Sunday July 13. I am told there is a sporting event in Rio that people may be watching. We'll do a rest day there and play tourist.

Day 7 Berlin to Oranienburg

Day 8 Oranienburg to Fürstenberg

Day 9 Fürstenberg to Waren

Day 10 Waren to Krakow am See

Day 11 Krakow am See to Rostock

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