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Monday, May 23, 2011

Day Three -- Rain shortened -- to Kemmern and back

Wednesday started off slow -- I am sure all the Schlenkerla drunk the night before was not to blame.

I headed over to Spezial for lunch but got there just as the kitchen closed. They have a half hour break or so before they start serving cold dishes (Brotzeit) so I just had a beer and decided to ride up to Kemmern for some beers at Brauerei Wagner.

Spezial Lagerbier in the courtyard

I was getting hungry and not sure I wanted to wait to get to Kemmern only to find out their kitchen was not yet open. When pass thru the northern industrial section of Bamberg and passed a stand with a "Super Schnitzel Sandwich"

Traudl's Imbiss

Cafe Abseits makes a great schnitzel sandwich so I thought I try Traudl's. The counterman grabbed a cutlet that was practically paper thin and dropped in the fryer. A few minutes later I had my sandwich.

Traudl's Super Schnitzelsandwich

It hit the spot but Cafe Abseits is still king of the Schnitzel Sandwich in my book.

When I got to Kemmer it was still about 15 minutes before official opening time. The were starting to setup so I grabbed a seat at a table in the biergarten.

Brauerei Wagner, Kemmern
They have a Pils and Schwarzbier on draft. The Schwarzbier in past visits was OK but nothing special, but the Pils is very nice, so I ordered one.
Wagner Kemmern Pils
I was on my second beer when it was if somebody had turned off the lights.  In a minute or so it went from bright and sunny to very windy and very dark clouds. Oh boy, am I going to get wet. So I finished my beer and headed back to Bamberg at what was (for me) record speed. I kept track of every overpass, bus shelter, grove of trees or anything that might provide shelter. The wind was picking up and there was the smell of rain in the air. And of course the wind was coming at me.

As I turned into the street where my apartment is, the rain started coming in huge drops. About two minutes after I was safely indoors, the heavens opened up. I was glad I didn't try for a third beer.

An hour or so later the rain had let up somewhat so I wandered down to the corner where there is a fairly new restaurant the Blaue Glocke. I gather more correctly it is a newer version of a restaurant that was there many years ago. Every time I've been there they have had a beer from a different (but good) small brewery. In March is was Brauerei Först from Drügendorf. This time it was the Kellerbier from Brauerei Griess in Geisfeld -- an excellent beer.

Blau Glocke on Sandstrasse

I wasn't too hunger (the Schnitzelsandwich was filling) but they had a Spargel (asparagus) soup and a herring plate and that sounded good.
Griess Kellerbier at the Blaue Glocke

Spargelsuppe at Blaue Glocke

Herring at Blaue Glocke
By then I was ready for a Schlenkerla or four and headed down that way. The rain had ended and it was a quite nice evening so I spent it in the Schlernkerla biergarten.

Posting will be light the next few days.  She Who Must Be Obeyed is flying in to join me for bike rides but she is not a beer drinker so there won't be a lot to write about.

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rudi said...

Hopefully you are still here and like our beer too :-)