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Friday, July 23, 2010

Costco Run with the new trailer.

So I took the new trailer to Costco.

The normal way I ride to that part of town involves a shortcut down a fairly steep (but short) bank, then hopping a curb. I didn't really want to do that with an empty trailer, let alone full, so I went the long way around.

I don't yet have a feel for home much the trailer holds, so I went easy: a 36 pack of canned soda and a large bottle of laundry detergent were the primary items. I added a couple loaves of bread and a box of zip lock bags just because they were there.
The first Costco run
The weight was noticeable on the ride home. There are some "speed humps" on one street and when I was on the flat, the trailer was still rolling down the hump and I could feel it pushing me at bit.

Physically, I could have fit another 36-er of soda but then I probably would have had to strap the bread or something to the lid.  Once I get a bit more practice, I'll up the load.

The downside is, for my four items I still had to wait 20 minutes to check out.  If I was filling up a car rather than the trailer that wait time would be spread over more items and I'd have to make fewer trips. I guess I'll need to schedule my Costco runs a little earlier to miss the crowds.

Saturday it's a longer run to pick up veggies from the farm co-op.

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