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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Friday has new clothes

Bike Friday recent had a refurbishment special -- send the bike back to them and they would basically strip it to the frame, clean the components and replace anything that needed replacing. And as a special bonus, you could get the frame repainted for half off and half off the price of special (premium) colors.

Back when I ordered the bike, I really thought about an upgrade to British Racing Green, but I already was spending more than I ever thought I would on a bike, so I went with Cream Soda Blue, one of the stock colors.

So when I decided to go for the refurb -- since I'll be doing two biking trips in Germany this year -- I didn't hold back and went for the repaint as well -- in British Racing Green, of course.

Friday's new suit

Close up of the logo

In other news, I'm off to Bamberg for 9 days of riding around and stopping at the passing breweries. Check back for updates.

Also my brother just got his own Bike Friday New World Tourist. His is red with a 9 Speed Hub (mostly flat where he lives). He'll be joining my Dad and I on the August bike ride.

Friday's Brother

If you do the facebook thing, there is a facebook page on the trip here or just search for BRAU-F -- Bike Ride Across UnterFranken :)

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