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Friday, May 10, 2019

Arrived in Berlin

OK, this blog has been dormant forever, since I started using Twitter. Going to make an attempt to update it. We’ll see...

So after a long an uncomfortable flight we landed a half hour early in Berlin.  They opened a new window at passport control just as I walked up and soon I was on the airport bus. Luckily when I got to my hotel my room was available so I checked in, plugged in my devices to charge, and being an old fart, promptly took a nap.

Being suitable refreshed I headed out for a beer. Luckily, around the corner from the hotel is Taproom Berlin.

They mostly have Bavarian beers but they’ve always had at least one from Berliner Berg and this time it was their flagship Pale Ale. So I had one.

I hopped on tram and headed for Pankow to visit a new brewery tap.  I realized I would pass right by the Stone Tap Room in Prenzlauer Berg so I hopped off to stop in for a beer.

The had the Berliner Berg Smoke on the Water Smoke Porter on tap so decided to stay on the theme and had one.

I was feeling a bit puckish, so I ordered a Strammer Max — and open faced ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top. It hit the spot.

Suitable fortified, I hopped back on the tram and was soon at the new tap room for Two Fellas Brewing.

They used to be based in the old Castle Pub in Gesundbrunnen and were homeless for a while until they opened this tap room last year. They had two of their beers on tap, I went with the Lake Michigan IPA (one of the owners is from Milwaukee) Nicely hoppy but not overboard. I could have stayed for another but the jet lag was kicking in so I decided to head back towards my hotel.

Not far from my hotel is the Mikkeller Bar Berlin so I headed over to see what was on tap there.

They had two beers from Schönram, the Hell and the Pils. I really like the Hell but after the IPA and with the jet lag I went for the Pils. It was excellent.

I thought about having a second but passed and went back to my hotel.

Posting this, I realized why I stopped updating this blog. The Blogger interface on an iPad is terrible, very painful to use. We’ll see if I can keep this up.


Barm said...

Some of those beers look awful. Especially the Pils. Where’s the foam? Why can nobody in “craft beer” places pour a beer?

Daniel said...

Einfach Google Places Bewertungen kaufen und mehr Kunden gewinnen.

Bea Wagner said...


Es gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut! Vieles wusste ich noch überhaupt nicht. Ich arbeite selber in einem Haarentfernungs-Studio in Frankfurt am Main.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Felix Wenzel said...

Tste mal das Rezept für Obazda

Liane Raschke said...

Really interesting! I'm trying to get some more on that.