Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Status Report -- 400 miles

Sorry for the long pause in posting (as if anybody noticed :) ) Work has been taking me to El Centro, CA -- where the Devil goes when he wants to cool off! Last time I didn't even take Friday along -- too damn hot (115 ° F) to even think about it.

That being said I've meet or exceeded my goal of 40 miles / week -- except for the week I took a spill and wracked up my foot.

I'm now over 400 miles and I still love the bike. I had my first flat (ran over a screw) about 2 minutes after I took the second picture below. Its been a while since I changed my own tube (I'm a software guy, damn it! That is hardware!) but a kindly passing mountain biker took pity on me and helped me get it done in short order. But other than that, no problems at all...

With that, I'll leave you with two pictures...

Friday at the Hermosa Beach Pier

Friday at the Redondo Beach International Boardwalk